I invite everyone to experience God through the love at The Church at The River.

In nature, tributaries flow together to form a larger stream, resulting in rivers.

This captures how The Church at The River is essentially designed; to draw from the resources that flow from the river of life.

Each stream comes from a starting place called the river head, and all flow into the ocean.

I envision the church as a tree that is planted by a river flowing from a Head, that never runs dry, flowing from the throne of grace.

Staying connected to that power, we will continue to produce fruits in season and out of season, because of this endless flow from the river of life.

I invite all to come and get engrafted to a tree having roots buried within a constant flow. Awaken within you a passion that leads to bearing fruit, so that they that are in the world can taste and see that the Lord is good, and the fullness thereof.

I would love to hear from you.
So please, if you have any questions about God and the love of Jesus Christ – or if you just want to connect – say hello: